Kate & The Crocodiles:

Kate Morrison, a refreshing and innovative classically-trained vocalist and player of generally small instruments (ukulele, toy drums, etc…), performing as a guest vocalist with Pink Martini, the Oregon East Symphony and Utah Symphony; Craig Bidondo, a colorful, energetic and soulful keyboardist; Gavin Bondy, the intuitive trumpeter of Pink Martini.

The Portland-based trio present compelling indie rock originals and covers mixed with early jazz, classical art song and reinventions of classic rock. If the spectrum sounds broad, it is all held together by a signature sound informed by classical sensibilities and a respectful blending of the genres. It’s like a warm conversation with a good friend.
An evening with Kate & The Crocodiles has been called “A perfect combination of musical talent and intimate, unforgettable entertainment.”
With some variation, the instrumentation goes like this:
Craig Bidondo — keyboards
Gavin Bondy — brass
Kate Morrison — vocals, strings … maybe a toy drum set?

“Dear Alice” Now Available!

“Dear Alice” is what would happen if “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” hired Jane Monheit to sing a Joni Mitchell lyric. The newest original single from Kate & The Crocodiles is now available for download. We hope you love it as much as we do.