A refreshing and innovative classically-trained female vocalist; a colorful, energetic,
and soulful keyboardist; and the intuitive trumpeter of Pink Martini doing stunning
originals and re-conceptions of stuff from Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Nat Cole, Louis
Prima, Louis Armstrong, Pat Benetar, April Smith, Yves Montand…and more.  As a trio or
a quartet (with additional drums).

Kate MorrisonKateMorrison
Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Kate began vocal training during junior high school, studying throughout high school and college in Pendleton, Oregon, and Walla Walla, Washington. Performing in competitions for classical vocal music, she placed in the top 10 vocalists in the State of Oregon and won many awards, including the coveted National Arion Award for Music.  (Photo credit: Scott Butner)


GavinBondyGavin Bondy
Gavin began studying trumpet in Portland, Oregon, at the age of nine, piano at the age of 12, and voice at the age of 17. Years later, amidst doubts of his peers, he began to quietly prove he could make his entire living as a freelance musician in the city of Portland. He played trumpet in every imaginable circumstance: wedding ceremonies, musical theater, foot races, national anthems, polka, mariachi, salsa, gospel, R&B, funk… before joining Pink Martini in 1996. A few years later, Gavin founded The Shanghai Woolies. To this day, the Woolies play hot jazz and pop from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, employing electric guitars alongside clarinet and banjo. Gavin wrote the original music book by hand, in order to enjoy some of the greatest music of the twentieth century with a world who had largely forgotten. Among its highlights are 27 transcriptions of early Louis Armstrong band performances. (Photo credit: Scott Butner)

CraigBidondoCraig Bidondo
Originally from Alaska, Craig studied piano and music composition in Los Angeles before moving to the Portland area to embark on a career as a soloist and group artist throughout the Northwest, exploring jazz, classical, rock, new age, and gospel music. In 1997 Craig co-wrote the award-winning musical, “Look At Us Now”, and served as the pianist and music director for the Tapestry Theatre production. Later, from 2006 to 2007, Craig directed the music and played keyboards for the Portland production of “Menopause — The Musical” for more than 290 shows, the longest-running production in the history of Portland Center for the Performing Arts. (Photo credit: Rick Luiten)